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This painting received an honorable mention at the Colorado State Fair.


The love of the outdoors is life long. Born and raised a farmer's daughter, I'd much rather have been outside tending the garden, feeding the livestock (even cleaning up after them) than to be in the house without sunshine, fresh air and all things green and living. Weed, hoe, plant, water, pitch manure and milk cows (by hand), the outdoors is where I was meant to be. My green thumb "goes up to the elbow" according to my Dad. It was my job to weed the carrot row and those little things took forever to come up. All you could see were weeds and only a wisp of a carrot here and there. Maybe this job helped me develop an eye for detail, or maybe it was darning holes in socks! The second of six children on an Iowa farm, we used to get excited about new underwear and socks that were ordered from the catalogue. Being practical, a nursing career would serve better than being an artist. Next came the role of wife, then mother of three. Stolen moments kept the artist in me happy enough, but now that the children are grown, with lives of their own, I find time to nourish my patiently waiting artist soul.

When you find me, I'll be outdoors with curled and tussled hair, skin fresh (untarnished by make-up), wearing jeans, a T-shirt and comfortable shoes! An outdoor gardener type at one with the land, with brush in hand.

Don't expect a limited view, I have an adventurous spirit.

-Backpacked Europe on $5 to $10 a day

-Traveled the 50 states, with children in tow

-Lived and gardened across America: Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Texas, and North Carolina

-Visited Poland, New Zealand and Australia with the pleasure of my husband's company

My husband has continued to nurture my artist soul from the gift of a paint box early in our marriage, to the thousands of photos he has waited for me to take with my hopes of someday painting them. That time is now.




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